⭐️ we make engravings from one piece. You can have a different design on each photobox or usb.
⭐️ you can send us your design (you can find below how to prepare it) or choose one from our collection (with your custom text)
⭐️ we adjust the size of the engraving to the size of the box (the engraving size is described in product details)
⭐️ the deadline is up to 5 business days, but we try to do it faster or even the fastest :) Some say that you click, make coffee, and the courier is already knocking ;)
⭐️ if we have doubts or questions, we contact you, so do not worry if you order for the first time :) You can also call / write and we will tell you everything :)
⭐️ the color of the engraving itself may vary on each box. The humidity of the wood, etc., affects what the laser does in that wood. So sometimes it is a bit darker or lighter. This is wood. Unique.
⭐️ we vectorize for free, so you don't need to be familiar with vectors. If you prepare the file according to our (simple) recommendations, we will take care of the rest :)



Below you will find our available designs.
⭐️ choose the product with engraving
⭐️ select the pattern you want to be engraved from the base
⭐️ write the chosen design and the text you want in comments to the order or in a separate e-mail to ask@didshop.eu, 
Wait for the delivery :)



white flower 1

white flower 2

white flower 3

white flower 4





wreath 1

wreath 2

wreath 3

wreath 4

wreath 5

wreath 6

wreath 7

wreath 8



⭐️ prepare a file with a minimum size of 2000px on the short side
⭐️ we accept jpg, png and pdf
⭐️ the background must be white or transparent (what will not be engraved) and the pattern in shades of gray. What is black is engraved with the deepest laser. Grays - shallower. If it is just a lettering etc - the pattern should be black and white
⭐️ we adjust the size of the engraving to the boxes, so do not worry that it will not fit - we will scale it properly
⭐️ especially on pendrives, don't make to complicated design - after rescaling the pattern may appear tiny and not readable. Two words are fine. Two words plus a date will do too. You can go crazy on the boxes :)